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60 into 20 does go, despite what the math teacher tells you. Older men, grey and handsome, hard and fit, get to deal with the tight young pussies of girls aged 18 to 23 at this unique fetish site brought to you from 21 Sextreme. The unique movies are in HD with 1080p top resolution, they are exclusive and come with galleries, info and a model index. There are bonus sites included for even better value, and updates are coming in. If you're up for some older/younger hardcore, then this site is going to suit you down to the ground. Great value is assured from the currently discounted memberships.

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Points/USD: 3.55

Entertainment: 17/35  
Technical content: 15/25  
Usability: 10/15  
Updates: 10/25  
Date: 2017-07-31
Written by: Luke Preston

Fetish, Hardcore, High-definition, 18-23

18-23, Exclusive, Hardcore, Intergenerational, Network, Older/Younger, Teens
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Concept and Introduction

Grandpas Fuck Teens turns the older/younger niche on its head and gives us men over 50 playing around with girls aged 18 to 23. Such are the fantasies that dreams are made of! Especially for us older guys. Here, we have all kinds of scenario fantasies played out, with all the hardcore you could wish for; cock sucking, pussy eating and banging and of course the cum shots, but the cast of the movies is always an older man and cute, younger babe. Membership, currently discounted in price, and comes with access to the other sites in the 21 Sextreme Network, plus more bonuses.


Porn Talk

I don't know whether these guys are on any special tablets to give them rock hard boners, or whether it's just the sight of the cute and sexy, slim and sensuous teen babes and early 20s girls that they get to play with, but they have no trouble getting it up. Neither will you when you imagine yourself in their shoes (not that they are wearing any). The scenes play out a variety of stories, but the main theme stays the same: An older guy, grey and still fit, hard as hell and ready for heaven, gets to play dirty with younger ladies. He seduces her, or the other way around, and the cameras roll to shot the seedy outcomes.

The movies are a kind of fetish, as older/younger hardcore tends to be, but they are not full-on dark fetish. It's simply the idea that older men can still get this kind of fun that makes them work, that and the cast of nubiles and granddads. The movies are also well shot and even when there are stories, they don't take up too much time, and so it’s not long before we are watching that mathematical problem explained. 50, or 55 or 60, goes into 18 surprisingly well, and with no need for us viewers to work it out.


Tech Talk

Find your site from the list of 16 included sites in the 21 Sextreme Network and click through. There you find 390 movies now, all exclusive and all with a good viewing page each. Updates are not so regular as they use to be; there was a long gap recently but the site is now building again, and update dates are shown so you can keep an eye on them. Sample images lead you through to the viewing page where you find a good selection of streams and downloads, plus info and images.

Movies are shown in up to seven choices of stream and Mp4 download. Older scenes may not have all of these options, but now you will find 1,920 x 1,080 HD at the top of the list of choices, with 1,280 x 720 also available. There are mid-range versions at 540p and then several others including mobile ones at 240p and 160p for smaller screens. Downloads were nice and fast, though as the movies are 30 minutes in length, some of the HD ones are large files. The streams ran smoothly, and you can skip through them.

Image galleries are also provided with around 125 + pics each that you can view online with some neat navigation tools, and there are two qualities of zip files as well.

Talking of navigation, it's an easy network to browse around. There are other parts to it which are not open to you, but you will see that these are locked. They can be purchased for additional sign-ups. Things like linked tag words and category lists help you search, there is a model index to browse, and you’re able to list all your networked content in one place. I had no technical trouble with the site at all.


Small Talk and Personal Opinion

Currently, Grandpas Fuck Teens is on offer at $14.95 per month, a reduction from the usual $29.95. This makes it excellent value. There are also longer-term deals to go for, and your sign-up includes access to 15 other exclusive sites and 14 non-exclusive bonus sites.

21 Sextreme, the network you are joining, gives you some unusual fetish sites, though nothing to ‘hard and nasty.’ For example, Cumming Matures and Old Young Lesbian Love gives you more older porn models, Milfs and mature ladies. Pee And Blow gives you some watersports and BJs, and Teach Me Fisting… well, you can imagine. There are also a few Tgirl sites for some wild variety, the work of Zoliboy at, and the whole thing adds up to over 4,130 videos, with images, streams and downloads.

The porn at 21 Sextury is good quality. These guys know what they are doing, and 21 Sextreme is the part of their empire that access to Grandpas Fuck Teens lets you into. This means, not only do you have excellent value, but you also have high-class porn. In this case, it’s all about grey and white, bearded and older men with some totally load blowing younger 18 to 23 years babes.



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Grandpas Fuck Teens is an apt title. These guys really are grandpas, or of that age; white-haired, but still fit, horny and still able to ‘get it up.’ They give their younger babes a good seeing to in exclusive videos that are now HD and well shot. You find a decent collection here with updates coming in, there are good downloads and stream options, good filming and plenty of older/younger hardcore. Galleries come with them, as do 15 exclusive bonus sites and 14 more in your extras area. It's an unusual site, which also makes it fairly unique, and the quality remains high. With the price now discounted you get amazing value from a membership here and a goodly amount of intergenerational hardcore to savour.

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