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Hot Bush delivers almost as many women with trimmed or semi-hairy pubic regions as it does models with gigantic bushes. Still, plenty of them have huge tits and the hardcore action is generally hot. Any viewers into pubic hair should give the place a try. Just ignore the bad acting.

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Points/USD: 2.57

Entertainment: 24/35   Bigger bushes would make more sense.
Technical content: 15/25   Less pictures. More professionalism.
Usability: 12/15   Hard to get lost. Good tags.
Updates: 12/25   Erratic and irregular update schedule.
Date: 2009-02-26
Written by: Graham Stroker

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Concept and Introduction

Hot Bush staunchly opposes the mass of websites that feature women with shaved vaginas. The aptly named website is all about giant bushes. They also claim to feature the “hottest girls”, and bushes are not the only big things judging from the woman with massive tits that appears on the first page. Hot Bush is not racially discriminatory as women of various ethnic groups star on the site. The only requirement is having lots of pubic hair. Content takes place both indoors and outside.


Porn Talk

Obviously viewers who like trimmed or completely shaved vaginas might feel slightly nauseated upon seeing the big bushes. Such people should go elsewhere. That being said, some women do not have very much hair, appearing as if they trim. This goes against the concept of the website, unless the women just do not grow much pubic hair. Still, some definitely do not fit into the category of “biggest bush”. On the other hand, there are definitely plenty of large bushes. Redheads also sparsely populate the site. I am not trying to perpetuate that inaccurate stereotype that all redheads are fiery in bed, but I have heard several times that people are always amazed by natural red pubic hair.

Though some women are natural in other places (i.e. their breasts), a lot definitely have implants. If implants offend, either look at the natural models or go to another site. The action usually starts with stripping. Then the women show off and play with their vaginas. The content usually involves hardcore action between the model and a guy. Examples of cum shots can be found.


Tech Talk

The pictures are 900x600px. The quality is professional and amateur at the same time. This almost makes viewers feel like they are actually watching the action. Unfortunately, there are around 360 pictures per set, making the overall impact boring and uninspiring. The user will have to sift through the sheer number to find the really hot photos. The even more numerous screen captures, which have a resolution of 850x480px, suffer the same fate.

There are multiple video options. One minute clips of a full movie can be streamed at 640x360x@748Kb/s. The dial-up version is incredibly tiny, only 200x112px with a bit rate of 138Kb/s. The one minute streamers can be downloaded and viewed at 480x272px (MPG) or 480x272px (WMV). A full length movie is also broken down into two big clips that can be streamed in a similar fashion. They may be downloaded and played at 640x360px@1.46Mb/s. The full length movie can also be downloaded as a WMV or MP4, which is an iPod format.


Small Talk and Personal Opinion

I am not big on bushes, small or large. However, hair is hair and I was more than capable of doing this review. I can say that the action is hot and worth watching, if the patience can be mustered to sift through entire photo sets. I wish people would be more selective about what pictures are posted. The videos are good but quite amateur. Anything outside the strip-masturbate-sex pattern is filmed in a horrible manner. Actual acting is just ridiculous to the point of hilarity.

One particular video episode accompanying the Hot Bush – Bush of Beauty installment really bothered me. As the scenario unfolds, a cowboy has been sentenced to hang. After he says his last words, the horse on which he is sitting walks out from underneath him. The cinematography is so incredibly bad that the viewer can obviously tell that the man is standing solidly upon the earth. I know that the focus of Hot Bush is big bushes, but the website should not attempt to be creative without also being somewhat convincing.



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Hot Bush has trouble sticking to its name. There is an equal mix of big bushes, as the site promises, and small ones. It almost appears as if some of the models trim. That aside, the action is hot and the models are usually in very good physical condition. Just do not expect any of the videos-with-plots to be described as convincing.

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