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Lady Sonia is a sexy mature English mistress. Her site is over ten years old and still updated constantly with fresh content that explores a variety of fetish interests. With great quality content and authentic fetish material there's no wonder her site can boast of over 15,000 members! With a very sincere interest in all she does, this site just stands out from all of there fetish content online or off. This is a site you MUST visit.

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Points/USD: 1.95

Entertainment: 24/35   Lady Sonia is the queen of all things fetish.
Technical content: 17/25   Movies look very good, but fall short of HD. Pictures are SUPER high resolution!
Usability: 10/15   Easy to browse, varied options for viewing and downloading, great design and lots of user features like forums.
Updates: 15/25   1-3 updates per week, or more.
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Concept and Introduction

British cuckolding queen Lady Sonia has been online for over ten years and has a mountain of unique, exclusive and very high quality fetish porn movies and picture galleries for you. She explores everything femdom and bdsm, as well as cuckolding her husband Charles, using bizarre sex machines and toys and playing with other fetishes such as latex, equestrian and slaves.


Porn Talk

It's a daunting task trying to summarize the porn available at Lady Sonia because there is just so much of it, and all of it is so good you want to write pages about each section. I'll have to restrain myself, and in so doing I feel I'm not painting a full picture. For this reason I implore you to visit the site and take the free tour after reading this review to get a taste for yourself.

The porn falls into a catch-all fetish category that includes exploring the following sub-niches and specialities: equestrian (jodhpurs, boots, riding crops, etc), female domination and humiliation, latex, sex toys, fucking machines, lesbian sex, bondage and BDSM, sex slaves, hand jobs, blow jobs, cuckold sex, interracial sex, big tits worship, tit jobs, office fetish and taboo sex and straight hardcore fucking.

There are various categories into which all of this varied material falls in the members area. Scenes have detailed descriptions, previews and titles so you can quickly get an idea of what is on the table. Lady Sonia has huge 34 F tits which are the focus of a lot of the hand job and bra fetish content within. She often has other English girls in their 20s to help her out, or to serve as her victim when she's in the mood to force orgasms with her fucking machine (which she has a control for, making it fuck harder and deeper as she likes).

The female domination and humiliation aspects seem to tint every type of content here, so I would say that is at the core of Lady Sonia's fetish interests, and everything else are spokes of the wheel, so to speak.


Tech Talk

There were some murmurs of HD on the tour and in the members area but unfortunately there are no true high definition media options for the movies. We get something quite close, and that I would feel good calling High Quality. They are Windows Media downloads with 1024x576 resolutions that play at a 4 mbits/s bit rate. They look fantastic, crisp and somehow are quite intimate, probably for how Lady Sonia interacts with the camera and shoots her scenes. Other options for viewing include a small WMV download in 320x180 resolution and a 1.7 mbits/s bit rate and a streaming Flash video that looks sharp and plays right in the browser window. The Flash video doesn't always show the full scene though, but the first 10 minutes. I couldn't check EVERY movie, but most were like this that I watched.

Picture galleries contain large high resolution photographs that go up to 4288x2848 pixels when viewed at full-size or downloaded in the zip files each gallery is packed into. You can browse the large sets of 100+ images online, too. They have a nice slideshow that can be automated (hands-free).


Small Talk and Personal Opinion

Updates are made to Lady Sonia several times each week, and have been since 1999. Though the site went online at that point, Lady Sonia's interests actually go back well beyond that, to her college years. In her 'Classic Library' section you can even see some of her first movies she made at college and shortly thereafter. You'd be surprised how her interests are still similar, though much more evolved. The quality of how she makes the porn has improved vastly, too.

The site includes forums and access to Lady Sonia through them - - read her bio, a Q&A with her, and ask her questions or make requests. You'll also get access to interviews with Lady Sonia and other girls that she has brought on the site, access to her friends and more.



PricePeriodRebillsAdditional Info
USD 34.95 1 month / 30 daysRebills after every period
USD 39.95 1 month / 30 daysNON recurring
USD 100.00 6 months / 180 daysNON recurring
Payment Processors:
CCBill, Epoch EU


Lady Sonia is without question one of the best fetish sites online. Her huge collection is so varied and rich, and most importantly it is so authentic. The content is always fresh, always of a great variety and always very satisfying. This is a huge value for the money, especially with the added community features and access to Lady Sonia. Fans of femdom and other fetishes, this is a must.

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2012-09-06 20:44:39
Member for 11 Months

As of this month, Sonia no longer allows downloading of the videos, old or current, from the web site, claims that there is too much pirating of her videos. No longer worth the price. Quality is still good, but not being able to download greatly detracts from the value of the site.



2015-03-25 10:00:08
Member for 7 Months

The above review is old and does not reflect the current site. It is no longer femdom and a huge let down to existing users (fools like me who paid the year in advance). The site now features girls who take off their clothes and then put on new clothes.

No, literally that's what the site now consists of. Do not waste your money. Lady Sonia, the old lady sonia, has been mothballed and you won't like the new format, trust me.

Girl takes off clothes and then puts on more clothes and walks off camera. Dry, rinse, repeat. Hell no!

Additional Comment:
Don't waste your money

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