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Hazer Her brings you intense footage of what girls pledging a sorority get put through. The porn here is mostly lesbian group sex, with the girls stripped, humiliated, and used as sexual pawns by the sorority girls, or made to fuck each other for their amusement (and usually in a public place). They offer gorgeous 720p HD downloads and though the site isn't huge it is truly novel and you won't find another site quite like it in the amateur/lesbian niche.

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Very Good

Points/USD: 2.54

Entertainment: 31/35   Really unique lesbian content with girls pledging and willing to do ANYTHING to get in to the sorority!
Technical content: 22/25   720p HD but they look absolutely amazing, better than most 1080p HD downloads you'll find on other porn sites.
Usability: 12/15   Nice site, many download options.
Updates: 10/25   Every other week they add a new video with a gallery.
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Concept and Introduction

Hazer Her offers up to $10k to sorority girls who send in tapes of the extreme and erotic trials they put their pledge girls through. These videos typically show a dozen or more 18-23 year old amateur girls being stripped, humiliated, used for lesbian sex and much more, all in 720p HD!


Porn Talk

A typical scene at Hazer Her will run about 40-45 minutes long, and it starts with all the girls pledging the sorority being corralled together to hear the things they'll have to do to get through this next stage of the process. The girls are good looking college girls, some very hot, some not so hot but with great bodies, a very typical mix of the sort of girls on campus desperate to join the hottest sorority.

These girls are willing to do anything and they prove it, again and again in every episode. A favorite of the sorority girls in charge is stripping down the pledges and humiliating them while naked - spraying them with hoses, painting obscene things on them, pelting them with water balloons, or just parading them around the middle of a party.

Things frequently get much hotter. In every scene there is some form of masturbation, sex toy insertion, and even hardcore sex. The sorority girls love to make the girls pleasure them, sometimes forcing them to wear dildo-masks, then sitting on the pledge girls' faces and fucking their pussies on them. There's also a lot of girls climbing all over each other's naked bodies, licking pussy, fingering pussy, and occasionally pleasuring frat guys together.


Tech Talk

Every episode in the library can be downloaded in a gorgeous 720p HD MP4 (1280x720 screen; 20+ mbits). This might be the best HD quality I've seen online, even though it isn't full 1080p. The picture looks sharp and clear and the sound is pretty great too. You have many other downloading options to choose from as alternatives, including Large (852x480 screen; 1.4 mbits), Medium (720x303 screen; 1 mbits) and iPod-ready MP4s. There is a Windows Media download (852x480; 1.2 mbits) that looks great, too.

Each video can be streamed online in their state of the art Flash video player, too. The video is embedded into the website and the quality of the playback can be adjusted, going all the way up to HD which looks pretty great.

Picture galleries come with every episode and the galleries are large. The images are high resolution, opening to 2000x1333 pixels. Besides shots of the action as it happens, galleries are full of pictures of the pledge girls posing together and showing off their smiles and lean bodies.


Small Talk and Personal Opinion

I was hoping that the site had grown larger since our last visit, and it has but not by the amount I had imagined. They update just once every 2 weeks on average, and this explains the slower growth. At the time of my visit there were 37+ exclusive episodes available, which is still very reasonable.

The site is well designed, too. It's very easy to browse the library and find your downloading and streaming options. There are other options and tools to sort and browse as well, but so far the library isn't so large that you'll need them.

As for the site's promise about it being 100% real and that they are paying the sorority girls cold hard cash to send in the tapes - I doubt it, but not because the videos look staged. They do not. They look 100% believable. I just have a hard time believing that these sorority girls are so good with an HD camera, and that they get quite this wild. This really doesn't effect the excitement of watching every scene, but I think it's worth mentioning that the "user submitted" promises are just part of the fantasy they explore here.



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USD 1.00 2 daysRebills after every periodTrial. Automatically renews as monthly subscription of $39.00 unless cancelled.
USD 29.95 1 month / 30 daysRebills after every period
USD 119.40 1 yearNON recurring
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Haze Her is a truly novel porn site bringing you exciting group lesbian sex and humiliation that's all part of the college girls quest to be accepted into the sorority. The HD downloads look great, the girls are hot and the sexual action is creative and exciting. The library is a little slow about updating though and the library isn't that large. That shouldn't stop you from giving the site a visit and checking out what they have to offer for yourself.

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