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Our review of Spitsters.com found that it was a good lesbian site focused on the fetish of swapping and playing with spit. The pornstars are hot and love to strip each other. They kiss, fondle, and squeeze, drizzling spit in high-res pics and 1080p HD videos.

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Points/USD: 2.50

Entertainment: 24/35   Lesbian pornstars really get into spit swapping and licking.
Technical content: 22/25   1080p HD and good pictures.
Usability: 10/15   Lacking zipped galleries.
Updates: 12/25   Once a week. Small archive.
Date: 2010-11-10
Written by: Graham Stroker

Lesbian, Pornstar, High-definition, Videos, Mega-Sites

Fucking Awesome network, kissing, saliva, spit swapping
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Concept and Introduction

Hot babes swapping spit, usually two at a time. There aren't any penises present. All the women swap is spit. This means the site more like a lesbian one than anything, but it also combines softcore and hardcore. The porn stars are hot and look like they're really enjoying everything.


Porn Talk

While the liquid here does look like cum at times, it's actually spit. At least two women start with a glass of spit. There is just so much saliva that a majority of it has to be generated prior to filming. The stars will rub their spit onto each other.

Perhaps the hottest action happens when they're making out. The spit coats their lips and tongues as they kiss each other deeply and fondle each others' tits. But it's really hard to say which part is the hottest--almost as hard as you'll be from the pics and videos.

All material kicks off with some sexy stripping, the babes seductively removing each others' clothes as they swap spit. One girl's tits come out, the other will drool onto her perky nipples. Then she'll suck it back into her mouth and drizzle it onto her asshole. Sometimes there are more than two.


Tech Talk

Photographs are 757x1136px. They look really nice. There are around 150 pics per set. Screen captures are 800x450px. There are usually several pages of thumbs. They're a good way to preview the movies.

The main attraction here is the full-length high-definition WMVs which are 1920x1088px and run at 7.18Mbps. Flash movies are 640x360px and run at 2Mbps. In addition to the full-length Flash, there are one-minute FLVs for those of you with slower connections. Full-length low-quality MPEGs are 368x270px and run at 1.03Mbps. Full-length medium-quality WMVs are 640x368px and run at 3.23Mbps. Average length is 15 minutes.

My only complaints with the technical aspects regard how the sound is almost too quiet.


Small Talk and Personal Opinion

If you're into seeing hot women together, you'll really love the content. The girls are smoking hot. It's so damn sexy to see them kiss and fondle each other. And playing with lots of spit is sexier than you might think. Those of you who really like lesbian porn will be wishing you could shoot your cum into the glasses of spit and have them drink that, too. Well, actually, you'll probably wish that anyway.

But at least you can pretend! The way the porn is filmed makes it really easy for this to happen. You don't even have to pretend that the guy's dick is yours because there aren't any cocks. That's because it's spit, even though it looks like cum at times. Perhaps, though, this raises a problem. Why aren't they playing with cum instead of spit? Wouldn't that be sexier? Regardless, it is still a sexy site.



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USD 1.00 2 daysRebills after every periodTrial. Will renew at $39.95 unless canceled.
USD 27.95 1 month / 30 daysRebills after every period
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Spitsters gets has a good score, but in my eyes it would be even higher if the spit were cum. No matter. The babes swapping spit are so beautiful that you'll cum so hard that it will shoot through the fiber optic network and right into their mouths. Pictures are high-quality; movies high-def.

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