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Our review of found that it is on the whole a good live webcam site. The prices are generally reasonable, and if surfers don't mind non-exclusive live nude shows, they can take advantage of the Happy Hour system. Technical quality is good, although it certainly is not the greatest.

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Very Good
Entertainment: 28/35   Numerous models from which to choose and most of them know how to please the viewer.
Technical content: 15/25   Video feeds generally pleasant.
Usability: 10/15   Relatively decent search features.
Updates: 17/25   Decent influx of new models.
Date: 2010-04-14
Written by: Graham Stroker

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Concept and Introduction

This website is rather unique in terms of adult cam sites. Not all portions of the site are explicit since there is also a Love & Romance area for meeting singles. This review is concerned with the Live Sex Chat sections, which has female and male models ranging from vanilla to fetish.


Porn Talk

The adult portion of the website, which comprises a vast majority of it, has four big headings. Cam Girls features all the female-oriented entertainment, and consists of the subcategories Girl Alone, Shy Girl Alone, Fetish & BDSM, Girl Alone (Lesbian), Celebrity Porn Stars, and Role Play. Group Sex consists of the subcategories Girl and Guy (Couples), Girl on Girl, Guy on Guy, and Threesomes/Groups. Shemales consists of Shemales and Shemale Couples. Hot Guys consists of the subcategories Guy Alone (Gay) and Guy Alone (Straight).

Regardless of whether you utilize the search feature or simply click on the models that look pretty, your level of arousal and (hopefully) subsequently sexual satisfaction will depend ultimately on how well you connect intimately with your hostess(es) or host(s). As always, I recommend being polite and having enough credits to pay the model for what you want to see. It also pays to read model biographies so you know what to expect and what they're willing (or not willing) to do for you as well as spend some time in the free video chat area (if available).

Most of the models I spent time with were easy-going and willing to perform my requests. Some were slightly more reluctant, but overall I'd say the models behave nicely.


Tech Talk

What perhaps separates this website from most other live webcam sites is the fact that not all models have a free video chat. Some only provide free text chats, where you can temporarily bond with the model before taking her or him into a private session. Sometimes, though, not even these are available, and you must simply take the model into an exclusive, naughty chat. This shouldn't pose a problem for many, but for those in possession of pickier preferences, you might want to pay extra attention to the model biographies to make sure you get what you're after.

Video feeds can be viewed in two sizes: standard and supersize. The latter tend to make the streams appear stretched and grainy, so I usually used the former. As with most cam sites, the individual equipment of the models will be the final determining factor in technical quality.


Small Talk and Personal Opinion

I think that the inclusion of a happy hour is a wonderful idea. Personally, though, I feel that the term can be a bit misleading. This isn't a time of day when certain model performances are cheaper. It simply designates non-exclusive live nude shows. This means they are cheaper, yes, but they are not one-on-one. And if you wish to direct the action during these Happy Hour sessions, you must wait in line, sometimes for quite a few minutes. Better have enough credits!

The end-of-show model rating system is one of the most innovative I have seen. The specific superlatives are Service, Appearance, Rate of Return, Attentiveness, and Overall Rating. They are precise and more important than breast size and ass shape. Models who consistently get good reviews will win rewards, which can be seen by viewing their profiles or looking at the information accompanying their "online now" thumbnails.



PricePeriodRebillsAdditional Info
USD 25.00 CreditsNON recurring
USD 50.00 CreditsNON recurring
USD 75.00 CreditsNON recurring
USD 100.00 CreditsNON recurring
CRE 1.98 Per minuteNON recurringPrivate shows typically range from 1.98 to 3.80 credits per minute.
Payment Processors:
CCBill, ePassporte, Epoch


ImLive is a fairly good website. Despite the simple layout and the fact that some of the different links lead viewers to the same places, it has a model base that is bound to provide many, many hours of exciting entertainment. The absence of free video chats for some models might upset some people, but the best action on any webcam site is never free.

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Total average: 86.6/100

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2011-07-11 04:20:15
Member for 16 Months

i loved this site til i found out a few things .I learned that top models are using tackicts to get the awards .One told me she wont do anal unless i leve video write her a 5 star review and then come back to private video room to see the anal.Anouther top model ran a recording of her in happy hour .It replayed 2 times .Crummy job with that explains why she was not responsive to me when i took the director seat.Anouther top modellet me in at 1.98 then when my time ran out I told her ill be right back need more credit .while i was doing that she bumped he price up to 3.80 and said she is the number 1 host to see more of her igotta pay more.the pros about the site is I have found some great girls there that did a most outstanding job and truly attintive.found her in free video .I learned host there only make 30% and 30% of the tips as well .I tipped a girl 20 bucks .the tip was for her but the site takes 70% of there tips even .wow I wasnt tipping the site .well actually it was that way

Additional Comment:
I think imlive is a pimp service . should I return not after i found out 70% of my money and tips mostly was going to the site


imlive host

2011-07-11 18:48:11
Member for 11 Months

Im sure guys do not care about how a host is treated by a site .but here goes anyway .my first week there I worked my butt off 13 hour shifts .for 2 weeks . made over 1.000.then it came time for payday .imlive took back 700 dollars .said these are chargebacks made by the costomers.Um excusse me ..I talked with the other hosts ,in there host to host forums asking if anyone else got a chargeback from these members .Turns out a few girls did from a few of the members but three of these members no aouther host got chargebacks from .One girl said she did a show with him the same day i did and her show with him was not a chargeback.these charge back members are supose to be placed on a black list for us to see. three of them were not .Imlive reply to this is that there valued members who paid back there dept to imlive . Umm well what about paying back the host then. Nope never got paid back . We of couse work for only 30% there .. well what a shock .A member tiped me 20 dollars . i get only 30% of tips as well .Ugg this site has got to treat the hosts worst then anyother site i have ever worked. I continued to work there for 6 months .started in Jan, and when June came along . at the end of June they gave me a charge back from a show i did in Jan. Thats 6 mothns after then member did a show with me . Thats crazy .Girls say theres no time limit on charge backs .One girl got a charge back of 200 for shows she did the pior year.Huh Make sence to you ??

Additional Comment:
for 30% of all income earned on that site and huge chargebacks You time is better spent on anouther site


ImLive Host

2012-01-15 02:43:15
Member for 34 Months

I've been a host on imlive for nearly 3 years now. I actually quite enjoy the site. Yes, there are a fair share of rude customers that come along and treat you rudely...but there's always the option to kick them and block them. I've never had a problem with the company itself. Yes, it sucks that the chargebacks (customers who go to the banks and dispute the charges and want the money they spent on imlive back) happen...that's the worst part of the job. Not much you can do about that though. Some hosts have very few chargebacks, others have a lot more. That's my only real complaint. I make decent money on here....I know some girls make 4 digits a pay period. It all depends on the quality of your shows you give to guests, the quality of your pictures, videos, profile you've written, and your attitude towards the guests. You can't let the rude ones get to you! Just block them...and oh yeah, you'll get a TON of beggers in free live chat every second of everyday...just gotta ignore them and kick them because if you do show nudity in free chat, you'll lose your account AND earnings on imlive. But imlive's customer service is great and I ALWAYS get paid on time. They are a good company to work for. Yeah, you only make 30% but then again, imlive brings the traffic to don't have to worry about promoting yourself, advertising yourself, messing with traffic, etc. They do all the work.

Additional Comment:
Not a bad company.


imlive host

2012-04-05 08:01:25
Member for 11 Months

perfect site if u like to work ,)

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