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Our Jules Jordan review looked at how the site presents an array of arousing material and found that the platform on which it is presented lacks organization, making it extremely easy for viewers to end up on a different part of the site network that hosts his material. Movie downloads come in great quality formats, images look sharp and updates are made on a regular basis. With loads of bonus sites thrown in as well, it's a pretty great deal for fans of extreme sex and gonzo porn.

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Points/USD: 2.20

Entertainment: 31/35   Intense action; sometimes with fetish attire, always with hot pornstars.
Technical content: 17/25   Full-length WMV files look great.
Usability: 4/15   Very easy to end up on another website. No clear distinction between sites.
Updates: 12/25   Once a week.
Date: 2010-02-05
Written by: Graham Stroker

Pornstar, Butts, Anal, Fetish, Hardcore, Mega-Sites, Videos

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Concept and Introduction

Jules Jordan is a critically acclaimed American pornographic film director, actor, and producer. He selects his models from the best female porn stars. He is interested in fetish clothing, paying particular attention to the attire of his stars, and has a fetish for butts. His website reflects these ideas.


Porn Talk

The content on the website, which is part of the site network Premium Pass, is definitely explicit. Usually the action occurs between one man and one woman, but threesomes (both two guys/one girl and two girls/one guy), gangbangs and blow-bangs are not uncommon. These professional porn stars will get on their knees and suck four cocks one after the other and then get drilled both vaginally and anally. They will take loads of semen to the face and breasts. There are some instances of interracial content.

The fetish clothing--ranging from nurse to latex cat woman costumes and from maid outfits to police uniforms--worn during a lot of the sets cranks up the sexiness. There is nothing like seeing a woman with pyramid-studded, leather slave collar sucking off a huge penis. Throwing fishnets, blindfolds, and butt plugs into the mix amplifies the content. The women are really beautiful and know how to arouse an audience demanding that their intense sexual desires be satiated.


Tech Talk

The videos come in high and low resolutions. They must be downloaded. The full scene high-res WMVs are 720x480px and run at 4.38Mbit/s. The five-minute clips are 480x360px and run at 1.24Mbit/s. The high-res MPEGs are 438x360px.

There are three low-res formats. All of them are MPEG4s. They are full-length. The low is 160x120px and runs at 124Kbit/s, the medium is 192x144px and runs at 434Kbit/s, and the high is 320x240px and runs at 806Kbit/s.

The photographs are 600x800px. The video stills are 720x480px.

In my opinion the site network is poorly organized. Instead of the sites that it is composed of being clearly listed on a homepage, they are found under the misleading category Bonus Sites. All of the content is lumped together on the same database, regardless of which website a viewer is visiting. The only way to tell where the material comes from is the watermark in the bottom right corner, which is fortunately quite large. Still, there should be clear distinctions dividing the websites, which would make finding Jordanís content much easier. The funny thing is, though, that clear distinctions do exist when not logged in.


Small Talk and Personal Opinion

I was thoroughly annoyed with the layout of Jules Jordan and the mega-site on which it existed. The material was all lumped together with the rest of the other sites. For example, Jules Jordan episodes were placed on the same page as the I Need it Black episodes. Though they are watermarked in the right corner with appropriate corresponding titles, the chaotically organized videos make it is easy for a viewer to enter a totally different website.

This is largely due to the fact that there is no set homepage. Instead, the initial page is Home/Videos, meaning all the episodes from the mega-site are listed together. It is a large nuisance to sort through the jungle of content. I did like the material on the website, and I think that viewers who like intense sexual action supplemented by crazy fetish attire will, too; however, getting constantly derailed from the intended website is definitely going to impede viewer arousal and satisfaction.

I also think that better technical quality would definitely improve the website.



PricePeriodRebillsAdditional Info
USD 29.95 1 month / 30 daysRebills after every period
USD 59.95 3 months / 90 daysRebills after every period
USD 89.50 1 yearNON recurring
Payment Processors:
PPSupport, CCBill


I think it is very nice that there are so many bonus sites included in a membership to Jules Jordan. Yet, I feel that the material on the websites should be clearly divided. Viewers who want the sexy hardcore/gonzo action of Jules Jordan might not necessarily want to see whopping loads on Cum in the Face. It is easy to get lost in the sea of pleasant material, which in the end isn't that bad if we're honest about it.

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