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Kick Ass kicks the ass of monotony. It provides steamy hardcore to the viewer sick of uninspiring pornography. While there is vanilla sex, there is also a healthy dose of fetish. Want to see cuckolds? How about foot fetish? Need to see a she-male? Then get your ass to Kick Ass and start masturbating.

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Points/USD: 2.30

Entertainment: 28/35   Tons and tons of variety; hot and steamy.
Technical content: 12/25   Nothing special; needs improvement.
Usability: 10/15   Thorough search features; easy to navigate.
Updates: 17/25   4-6 updates per week.
Date: 2009-07-14
Written by: Graham Stroker

Pornstar, Fetish, 18-23, Hardcore, Anal, Creampie, Ebony, Femdom, Foot-fetish, Interracial, MILF / mature, Squirting, Videos

cuckolding, multiple fetishes, smoking
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Concept and Introduction

Kick Ass is another relatively broad website. Its categories include fetish, cuckolding, bare back sex, Latinas, and MILFs to name a few. There will be more on that in Porn Talk. Each category is incredibly hardcore. We are talking raunchy to the extreme here. Even the technical quality exudes dirtiness.


Porn Talk

There are so many different categories that I do not know where to start. All I can really do is list the available sections. Chances are if you like the name of the category, you will enjoy what it contains. The only catch is that you must enjoy extremely raunchy material. Additionally, cuckolding is not for the ultra-masculine; such people will have a hard time comprehending why any man would willingly watch his female partner have sexual relations with another man.

The exact categories are Foot Fetish, Cuckolds, Strap-ons, Latinas, 10 Man Cum Slam, 5-Guy Cream Pie, Giant Pussies, Black on White, MILF, Squirters, She Males, Grrl Power, Specs Appeal (dedicated to women wearing glasses), Black Ass, Smoking, Bloopers (for the humorously inclined), and Cum Every Hole. My advice is to have a look at the content that you would find most arousing. It is finally a site for viewers into the vanilla, the extreme, or both.


Tech Talk

Though the videos can be streamed in a Flash player in 480x360px resolution.

The full-length videos can be downloaded in WMV or MP4 format. The former is 640x480px and runs at 2.15Mbit/s. The latter is 320x240px and runs at 845Kbit/s. It also streams online and can be watched on an iPod. I hope they plan to up the video quality since that is over due.

There are several pages of photographs in each pictorial episode. The are 1500x1000px. They look very nice, and can be downloaded as zip files.


Small Talk and Personal Opinion

I liked the long textual descriptions. They were very intricate, well written, and sometimes amusing. They were almost like flash fiction, a type of miniature story. As a creative writer that is also interested in writing erotica, I appreciated the gestures.

I found Giant Pussies to be mildly disturbing. Some of them looked like pink spider fangs... Moving right along, I found it interesting that cuckolding was included on the website. That is definitely one of the more extreme fetishes. It is definitely more hardcore than finding spectacles, feet, and smoking sexually arousing. Though the average man would have a difficult time understanding the appeal, I know that there are plenty of men out there who find such a lifestyle thrilling.

I simply love websites with diversity, especially ones that are organized well. Katrina Spanks definitely rubbed my eyes the right way. Too bad she was not smoking a clove.



PricePeriodRebillsAdditional Info
USD 29.95 1 month / 30 daysRebills after every periodRegional pricing may apply.
USD 49.95 2 months / 60 daysRebills after every periodRegional pricing may apply.
USD 59.95 3 months / 90 daysRebills after every periodRegional pricing may apply.
USD 99.95 6 months / 180 daysRebills after every periodRecurs at $59.95/90 days. Regional pricing may apply.
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Kick Ass definitely kicks ass. There is a stunning amount of hardcore content, ranging from the vanilla to the extreme. All is spiced with a large amount of raunchy detail. Readers will also enjoy the textual descriptions accompanying each episode. There are some pretty famous pornstars appearing on the website.

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