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While the content of Club Flashers is hot and steamy, the manner in which is conveyed leaves a lot to be desired. The grainy texture of the videos and the lack of any stunning in the pictures, coupled with the fact that some of the women should put their clothes back on and get off camera, leads me to suggest that the viewers simply look for and attend parties such as these.

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Above Average

Points/USD: 1.94

Entertainment: 28/35   Great for watching drunk girls get wild.
Technical content: 10/25   Grainy videos.
Usability: 7/15   Website layout is nothing special. Videos are only streaming.
Updates: 12/25   Two a week isn't bad.
Date: 2009-03-03
Written by: Graham Stroker

Public-nudity, Amateur, Reality, Boobs, Butts, Softcore, 18-23, Videos

flashing, night clubs, spring break, T and A
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Concept and Introduction

Club Flashers is dedicated to showing what happens at wild nightclub parties. It focuses on hot, younger women flashing their breasts, allowing the camera to see up their skirts, and having lots of wild fun in VIP rooms. There are examples of girls going down on each other. There is also content of women masturbating. The content occurs mostly at night clubs, although there are some outside beach parties.


Porn Talk

The website definitely sticks to its promise of women at night clubs. There are plenty of tits flying out of shirts, tons of up skirt shots, and a lot of lesbian and solo action. The women partake in dirty dancing. There are wet t-shirt contests. If watching women that are for the most part in decent shape, some of which have fake breasts, grinding up against each other with various parts of their bodies exposed drives you wild, you will most likely have an easy time being aroused at Club Flashers. Be warned, though, that some of the women are definitely not suitable for viewing.

What viewers particularly into amateur content will be pleased to realize is the fact that many of the women are just acting hot at night clubs. They are not professional porn starts, and some have never been naked on a camera before, at least in film that was put on the internet. However, there are some shoots where the models look like they know what they're doing, as if they have been involved in the porn industry. Either that or they are just extremely comfortable in front of the camera or too drunk to care.


Tech Talk

The photographs on the website are various sizes such as 750x500, 666x499, 800x591. Quality wise, they are actually alright. They are just club shots. Quality is not the focus of the pictures. They exist to capture the club action as it happens. The number of pictures per set varies greatly. In some sections there are fewer than ten pictures, but in others, there are over two hundred.

There are video clips as well. The same can be said of them as I have already said about the pictures - the purpose is to capture the action - not being superb quality. The number of clips varies greatly, depending on how much footage was captured. The clips can be streamed in a Windows Media Player with a resolution of 640x480 and a bit rate of 1.50Mbit/sec. They cannot be downloaded unfortunately.


Small Talk and Personal Opinion

There is plenty of hot and most likely drunken action. The content occurs both on dance floors and on stages. There are even some videos and pictures taken inside limousines or in parking lots outside the clubs. With a membership also comes behind-the-scene material taken inside hotel rooms or at private residences.

I know that amateurism is a focus of Club Flashers, but the videos are just terrible. They only look nice streamed in the tiny box. But overall the movies look grainy and washed out. The sound is also not that great. Again, I know the material is supposed to convey an amateurish nature, but when the videos are just terrible, a viewer might as well save the money for a web membership and just go to a night club or wild beach party. It would probably be more fun anyway.



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Club Flashers offers an inside look at what happens at wild night clubs or hot beach parties. There are plenty of women showing their breasts, pussies, and asses. They are not afraid to fondle themselves or each other. However, the quality of the movies is so bad that a viewer might as well just attend parties like the ones in the films and pictures.

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