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Naked News Anchors is a fun site with cute girls that give you the day's news in the nude. The site is well written and actually has great news programming. The girls are as professional as those on the major cable networks, only they get naked and so are obviously even better! With years of archives, 6 days of programming a week and bonus amateur auditions and hot models sections, the site offers a pretty unique and sexy experience.

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Very Good

Points/USD: 3.96

Entertainment: 31/35   Real news, real naked girls, what could be better?
Technical content: 17/25   The content here looks good and streams well on all types of connections.
Usability: 12/15   Very easy to use website and they did a great job with the various streaming options and downloads.
Updates: 17/25   A new program 6 days a week, plus other updates (Hot Models & Amateurs)
Date: 2010-07-27
Written by: Jerry Fritz

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Concept and Introduction

Naked News Anchors isn't your average porn site. This site offers a streaming news show uploaded six days a week and covering world affairs, sports, entertainment and more. The catch? The cute anchors shed clothing while they deliver their beats until they're 100% nude.


Porn Talk

I want to be very clear that this site isn't really porn. There is nudity, but it is in a non-sexual way. The girls strip off as they talk and deliver the news until they are ass naked but the camera doesn't zoom in on their nether regions, and they don't do any dancing or sexy body movements.

The site is very much a NEWS site, and if you thought the news anchor angle was just a gambit think again. The women here are actually quite professional and the news they deliver is written by a talented team. They cover the same topics that FOX News and CNN are covering and in the same dignified and serious manner. You get substance from watching the day's reports... and you get boobies too!

The nudity is sort of just a bonus and the girls are cute.

There are two other sections to the site. One is called Hot Models, and this features up and coming actresses, models, performers, etc in the Toronto Area for the most part. They get a cool E! documentary style expose on their backgrounds and careers and some hot footage of them performing (non-nude). The other section features the auditions of the amateur girls that came in to be on the site. They do a test-run of a segment in the nude then get interviewed while naked.


Tech Talk

The daily shows are streamed and there are multiple settings to view the streams in. No matter your connection, one should work well for you. They seem to have done a very good job of optimizing these so they play quickly and don't hog resources on your PC. Running times are comparable to similar news show segments. A full day's programming is probably 15 minutes. Streaming is available in Flash or in H/264 MP4 formats.

Downloads are available in MP4 and H/264 MP4 formats - although only for the latest few days of programs. The latter offers the best settings and is called the "Ultra" option with a 512x384 resolution and a 1.6 mbits/s bit rate. There normal MP4s are 512x384 with 1.3mbits/s bit rates or 384x288 with 1.0 mbits/s bit rates. You can download an MP4 that is optimized for the iPod/iPhone as well. They offer downloads/streams by segements of a show or a full show at once, either a continuous stream or a zip file with all segments included.

There are pictures only in the Hot Models section. The girls there usually have 20 to 30 very high quality shots. These are huge at 2048x3072 pixels. You have to download each big image to view it at full size, only thumbnail browsing can be done online.


Small Talk and Personal Opinion

Naked News Anchors was a really original site, and not one that I often get to review. I'm a pretty big news buff, I like to keep up to date, so the mixing of cute and naked amateur girls and quality news programming was a great one to me. Anyone that's into current events but also likes to see naked girls should enjoy what's on tap here, especially if it's important to them that the news itself be informative and well done, not just a gimmick.

The site could use a little more spice, though. I liked the interviews with auditioning girls and the Hot Models spotlight pieces, but I still think the site could add something with more teeth - - the anchors doing strip teases, more erotic galleries, something to spice it up.



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USD 59.94 6 months / 180 daysRebills after every period
USD 99.95 1 yearRebills after every period
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Naked News Anchors is the hottest news show in town! The site has some great content, is well written and well designed. For those news junkies that would like more nudity in their lives it will hit the spot nicely, and the extra amateur auditions and hot model bonuses are a lot of fun, too. Overall it's a unique experience and definitely falls into the 'specialty' or 'novelty' porn category.

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