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If you have a spanking good time watching submissives endure OTK (over the knee), caning, whipping, flogging or even paddling and other heavy corporal punishment involving red butt cheeks, then check out our reviews of spanking porn sites. We'll let you know which sites feature real spankings (i.e., red butt cheeks) and which sites look like they're nothing more than acting.Whether mild to extreme spanking, and everything in between, we'll point your bottom in the right direction. Since we review sites featuring amateur OTK to more professionally produced corporal punishment scenes, no matter what kind of spanking or caning action you prefer, you’re sure to find a site worthy of butt cheeks clenching arousal.

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English Spankers

Categories: Spanking, Butts, Amateur, MILF / mature, 18-23, Fetish, Videos
Date: 2014-06-05

Some girls act out because they want attention. These girls are just desperate to get the punishment that will follow their misbehavior. Mr Stern bends them over his knee and spanks their naked bottoms until they are red and welted. He likes to use his hand but he also has paddles and switches for the girls who need it especially rough.

Very Good

Real Life Spankings

Categories: Spanking, Amateur, Butts, Fetish, 18-23, Softcore, Videos
Date: 2010-03-05

Real Life Spankings is homemade, and it shows. It's presented in simple HTML and features amateur footage of European porn novices getting swatted where the sun doesn't shine. It's updated twice weekly and is clearly a labor of love. For those seeking authentic and very real spanking action, stop in and pay Mike, the host, a visit--it will be worthwhile.


Spanking Sarah

Categories: Spanking, Butts, Amateur, MILF / mature, BDSM, 18-23, Fetish, Videos
Date: 2014-07-01

These girls have misbehaved and now their naked bums are going to pay the price. Sarah is often the on being paddled but she likes to pick up the cane and use it on the other girls, too. Each scene is a fun fantasy and sometimes blow jobs and hardcore sex are part of the fun, too. They have a big library with more than 200 original scenes and update regularly.

Very Good
Screenshot from Red Stripe Films

Red Stripe Films

Categories: Spanking, Butts, MILF / mature, Amateur, Fetish, Hardcore, Videos
Date: 2014-06-24

This is a big site full of coed girls and housewives having their bottoms stripped and spanked red. Mr Stern is the one doling out the chastisement, with his hand, paddle or cane. He leaves them very red, covered in welts, and with very sore bums. In a few movies a guyd has his dick sucked or fucks the girls, but mostly the focus here is on watching the naked bums spanked red.

Very Good

Points/USD: 3.13
Screenshot from Spanked Cheeks

Spanked Cheeks

Categories: Spanking, Butts, Amateur, MILF / mature, 18-23, Fetish, BDSM, High-definition, Videos
Date: 2011-06-22

Spanked Cheeks is a very good spanking site full of British OTK and bare, pink and red bottoms of all ages from naughty school girls to lazy housewives. With good quality content, three updates each week, and easy navigation, this site is very enjoyable to those who love to see naughty women get a resounding spanking!

Very Good

Points/USD: 2.96
Screenshot from Teens Reform School

Teens Reform School

Categories: Spanking, BDSM, Butts, Fetish, 18-23, Amateur, Videos
Date: 2010-10-08

Teens Reform School offers great bdsm and corporal punishment content, but is in need of some correction itself due to its poor presentation. If the site can become much more user friendly, it'd be a site worth joining because the submissive pain sluts and the episodes they're in are very realistic and of good quality.


Points/USD: 1.97
Screenshot from Spank That Brat

Spank That Brat

Categories: Spanking, Butts, Lesbian, Fetish, Amateur, Softcore, Videos
Date: 2011-01-19

Our Spank That Brat review found that the site may not be the most updated or technologically forward smut collection on the 'net, but it is unique. The site follows the relationship of Abigail and Audrey, a real-life, spank-crazed young lesbian couple. It's maintained by the couple themselves, and has their personal imprint all over it.


Points/USD: 2.09
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