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Screenshot from Mr Skin

Mr Skin

Categories: Celebrity, Boobs, Butts, Mega-Sites, Softcore, Videos
Date: 2013-09-20

If you're looking for authentic celebrity nudes then Mr Skin is your place to go. They source all of their sexy clips and pictures from only mainstream TV shows, Hollywood movies and independent films. They've catalogued over twenty thousand actresses from around the world, in scenes ranging from all-out sex to risqué cleavage and side boobage. The site has over five hundred hours of footage and also includes playlists, actor biographies, and quality movie reviews and summaries.


Points/USD: 4.15
Screenshot from Celeb Matrix

Celeb Matrix

Categories: Celebrity, Public-nudity, Boobs, Butts, Videos
Date: 2011-03-04

What's Celeb Matrix got to offer the 'net? Why, thousands upon thousands of pics and flicks of your favorite famous foxes, with more added every day. It's not perfect, mind you, but it's pretty good - damn near every modern celebrity coochie can be found right here.

Very Good

Points/USD: 2.57
Screenshot from Reality Star Scandals

Reality Star Scandals

Categories: Celebrity, Boobs, Butts, Softcore, Videos, Mega-Sites
Date: 2010-11-12

The most infamous sluts around - Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Heidi Montag et al - are presented for your dick's approval at Reality Star Scandals. Videos and images of stars acting scandalously is the name of the game here and on the other nine sites in the Gossip Members network (which is included in the price of admission).

Very Good

Points/USD: 1.93
Screenshot from Paparazzi Stalkers

Paparazzi Stalkers

Categories: Celebrity, Softcore, Public-nudity, Boobs, Butts, Reality, Videos
Date: 2010-10-07

Like photos of celebrities in states of undress? Like videos of the same? Then you'll like Paparazzi Stalkers, a site that's dedicated to "hunting down celebs' dirtiest moments!" Content is easy to search and navigate, and is updated on a daily basis. It's also part of an eight-site network.

Very Good

Points/USD: 1.90
Screenshot from Dirty Teen Celebrities

Dirty Teen Celebrities

Categories: Celebrity, 18-23, Boobs, Butts, Softcore, Videos, Mega-Sites
Date: 2010-11-11

If you frequently fantasize about how cool it would be to watch teeny bopper stars bop on your cock, Dirty Teen Celebrities is right up your alley. It's filled to the brim with professional and paparazzi shot footage of today's hottest teen celebs and idols looking scandalous...and it's updated daily!

Very Good

Points/USD: 1.83
Screenshot from Nitro Video

Nitro Video

Categories: Celebrity, Softcore, Pornstar, Lesbian, Videos
Date: 2012-05-31

There were a huge volume of clips at Nitro Video's Nude Celebs - about 130,000 and rising - that star just about every celeb you can think of, plus thousands that you can't. There are also porn stars here, featured in softcore porn clips from Cinemax type movies that get mixed in with the nude or almost nude clips of celebs in movies and tv shows. Updates are made every day and there are 1080i HD download options for the newer movies. The site could definitely do with improving its navigation though.

Very Good

Points/USD: 2.85
Screenshot from Celebrity Sleuth

Celebrity Sleuth

Categories: Celebrity, Boobs, Butts, Softcore
Date: 2010-12-22

Our review of uncovered a wealth of candid and scripted photographs of the hottest celebrity women. There are so many pics, and so many more added each day, that you'll never need to go to the movies or watch rap videos again. Skip the popcorn. Get lotion and tissues.


Points/USD: 4.54
Screenshot from Homemade Celebrity Porn

Homemade Celebrity Porn

Categories: Celebrity, Hardcore, Videos, Mega-Sites
Date: 2010-10-08

Our Review of found that the site presented good amounts of arousing celebrity material. However the tour page indicates that mostly American actresses are featured, but in actuality, the dirtiest content comes from non-Americans. With only average technical quality, it's decent, but not nearly the best in the niche.


Points/USD: 1.58
Screenshot from Celebrities on Net

Celebrities on Net

Categories: Celebrity, Boobs, Butts, Softcore, Public-nudity, Videos
Date: 2010-10-30

Celebrities On Net is a database of pictures and sex tapes of a long and varied list of celebrities. The database is large, updated daily, and includes real nude pics of stars, the most sought after sex tapes and more. It isn't the most complete celeb site, but for those seeking a real celeb site, not one full of faked images, this should be a decent pick.

Above Average

Points/USD: 1.97
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