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Hot Movies is a very large Video On Demand porn site with a great variety of streaming porn to enjoy. The streaming videos don't look amazing but they always work, which in the end is more important. Downloads will be paid for separately. Updates are made daily and Elegant Angel and Anarchy Studios release their new DVD titles here first.

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Very Good
Entertainment: 31/35   A large variety of popular DVD titles from all niches.
Technical content: 10/25   The streaming videos could definitely be sharper.
Usability: 13/15   Some great search and browsing tools, intuitive player that lets you quickly get the most of each minute you pay for.
Updates: 17/25   At least a new DVD each day.
Date: 2010-03-01
Written by: Jerry Fritz

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Concept and Introduction

Hot Movies is a massive VOD (Video On Demand) porn archive that offers over 130,000 movies to browse and choose from. The site features pornstars and content from just about every niche and category that the industry has to offer.


Porn Talk

It's quite a task to sum up the sort of pornography that surfers have access to here. There's just too much of it and it's too varied to capture in detail, but we can give you a pretty good overview I think. For starters just about every morsel of smut is non exclusive. These are porn DVDs produced over the last two decades or so and among them you'll find many a popular mainstream title and famous pornstar. Series like Big Wet Asses, Cream Pie Orgy and Couples Seduce Teens are here as well as a variety of harder to find fetish and amateur productions. Basically you will find all fetish action here, including BDSM, pissing, pantyhose, feet, smoking and many more. All of the movies produced by Elegant Angel and Anarchy Films are released online at Hot Movies first as well, so if the intense hardcore from those studios interests you this is where to sample the new releases first.


Tech Talk

When browsing around the different DVDs and scenes you'll notice that there are links for downloads. You should also notice that there are prices next to the various rental and purchasing options. This is because downloads are paid for separately. The minutes you purchase are for streaming only.

When it comes to the streaming videos I really feel there is room for improvement. The one good side is that the lower settings are definitely accessible to even dial up connections, so pretty much anyone connected to the internet can stream the movies. You'll have two formats. The default are the Windows Media files. These have "HIGH" resolutions of 320x240 and "ULTRA" resolutions of 480x360. Neither has a very sharp image. You can also view these in a Microsoft Silverlight player, which works like Flash video. These look sharper to my eye and the player itself is very intuitive. It makes jumping around in a DVD easy and fast. Scenes load very fast and look fantastic. If you're on a Mac then the Silverlight will be the only way to view the videos.


Small Talk and Personal Opinion

Hot Movies isn't the best quality VOD site I've come across, but it is one of the most accessible. For many it will be a worthwhile trade-off as there is nothing worse than an eternally buffering and choppy streaming video when paying by the minute. You shouldn't have to worry about that here. Just pick, stream and enjoy.

The wide variety of movies here also makes Hot Movies stand out. It's one of the biggest catalogs in the VOD theater and they work with some of the best studios and offer popular titles and series. Elegant Angel is one of my favorite studios so knowing that this site releases their new DVDs first was a very big plus for me, and the fact that new DVDs are added daily will be a plus for everyone.



PricePeriodRebillsAdditional Info
USD 0.00 CreditsNON recurring10 Minutes (First 10 Minutes are free).
USD 4.95 CreditsNON recurring25 Minutes
USD 9.95 CreditsNON recurring69 Minutes
USD 15.95 CreditsNON recurring120 Minutes
USD 19.95 CreditsNON recurring200 Minutes
USD 29.95 CreditsNON recurring300 Minutes
USD 49.95 CreditsNON recurring515 Minutes
USD 86.95 CreditsNON recurring1000 minutes


Hot Movies is a solid VOD site with a huge - and I stress the word huge - selection, streaming media that loads fast and looks sharp and regular new releases. If you're looking for an on demand porn site than this one really belongs at the top of the list. The site is wide open, so you can browse through it and see what's on offer for free. Only buy minutes if you find something to watch.

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