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Reviewed by admin almost 9 years ago.

1 month / 30 days
63.0 /100

The Banged In Public review takes a close look at a site made for viewers with an hankering for real European sex. As the Pussy Hunter, Markus finds very pretty women, seduces them, and then bangs their brains out. This type of reality porn will appeal to a broad range of viewers. Read on for a more in-depth review.


Sexy realistic hardcore; sometimes there are threesomes.

Above average

Very nice pictures; videos could be improved. Streaming only.


No downloadable videos; no zip-packed images; smooth and easily navigable layout.




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Concept And Introduction

The premise behind this website is simple. The host, Stefan, looks for any women he can find, young and old, and bangs them in public. Malls, phone booths, public restrooms, trees of a park are all areas where he will screw the willing ladies. Though most of the content is one-on-one, Stefan will sometimes get luckier than usual and have a threesome.

Porn Talk

There really is no catch to the action here. Stefan finds women, usually one at a time, seduces them, brings them to some public area or another where he has a short discussion, and then fucks them right then and there. The fact that the sex is realistic and public makes the website quite arousing. The hardcore is rather commonplace as far as sex but the appeal isn't intense sexual positions--it's real life sex in real public locations. It's incredibly hot to watch this lucky guy bend over a babe in the middle of the park and fuck her. There is absolutely nothing boring or mediocre about the material. Unlike the sister site, Hunting For Pussy, Stefan will do two ladies at a time, as he does in "Episode 035: Susi & Tammy".

Tech Talk

The aesthetically pleasing photographs on Banged In Public thoroughly stimulate the voracious eyes of various viewers. They come in two qualities: high and low. Low-quality portraits are 600x900px, the landscapes 900x600px. High-quality portraits are 1000x1500px, the landscapes 1500x1000px.

Small Talk And Personal Opinion

I think it is nice to see some realistic sex for a change. All too often the pornographic industry consists of fake (men and) women in sometimes obviously fake sex. Now, I don't mind that sort of porn. Hell, I think the typical female porn star is dead sexy. But it is nice to see some natural women having real sex with a real sex enthusiast. I think viewers into the reality niche will definitely agree.


Banged In Public is a website with arousing, realistic content but with has two big issues: movies are not downloadable and streaming Flash videos are not HD as promised. Other than those technical issues, the site is pretty good. Fans of reality porn and European girls should find it enticing. Stefan certainly has his work cut out for him.

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Banged In Public Screencap
Banged In Public Screencap
Banged In Public Screencap
Banged In Public Screencap

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Banged In Public Pic
Banged In Public Pic
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