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Reviewed by admin about 14 years ago.

1 month / 30 days
0.0 /100

Channel 69 VIP is a large and varied collection of niche porn sites. The site suffers from a few major hang ups that really get in surfers' ways, though. Content is mediocre quality at best and navigation is no easy task. Users will need to re-enter their usernames and passwords for just about any action they take on the site. All of this takes away from what qualities the porn here has to offer and makes the site rather uninspiring and in the end, unattractive.

Extremely poor

A good variety of hardcore, lesbian and fetish porn sites.

Extremely poor

Way better resolutions and bit rates needed.

Extremely poor

Each site prompts for member information. Could be integrated better.

Extremely poor

Numerous times a week.


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$34.95 1 month / 30 daysRebills after every period

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Concept And Introduction

Channel 69 VIP is a mega-site currently comprised of eighteen individual sites. The niches represented include BBW (including Ebony girls), Mature/MILF, hairy pussy, big pussy lips, female bodybuilders, boobs & butts, transsexuals, women screwing men (with strap-on dildos), and excessively fake breasts. One site also functions like its own mini-mega-site with its own set of varied niches.

Porn Talk

To make things as easy as possible for you, the surfer, I will simply list and briefly describe each of the seventeen sites.,, and are dedicated to BBW hardcore. is explained in the name, but a majority of the stars are actually BBW. focuses on slutty mature women. has the hottest and furriest bushes around. features extremely athletic women who love pumping cock as much as they love pumping iron. and have horny mature women engaging in hardcore sex, while exclusively features mature lesbian action. is dedicated to the voluptuous female ass. is all about spreading and stuffing the holes surrounded by big, flapping labia. has women with very large breast implants. combines BBW with lesbianism. is self-explanatory. is an interesting site where women fuck men up the butt with strap-on dildos. is like a mega-site in and of itself.

Tech Talk

The websites are all organized in the same manner. The images are 467x700px. Apparently they are copyright protected, as a pop-up box indicated, yet I was able to "right click > Save As" anyway.

Small Talk And Personal Opinion

The website prompted me for my membership information on each new site. Come on! Is that really necessary? On top of that, I was prompted to reenter it again before streaming and/or downloading videos. That was the story for all of the varied facets and levels of the Channel 69 VIP network. There was some good nuggets of porn in the mix and some tasty amateur action, but the usability (or lack thereof) really got in my way. This takes the focus from the porn to trying to figure out the website. Given that the quality of the media here is average at best, all that hard work to access the action seems like wasted time. Overall, the site felt very sloppy and didn't provide much 'wow' factor in its collection of porn from various niches. As a result, I wasn't all that excited and left the site more annoyed then anything else.


Channel 69 VIP has a lot of variety but unfortunately it hasn't put enough work into the other aspects of the site. Primary among its issues is the lack of a good quality media format to download or stream. Second to that is the rather jumbled navigation and general lack of user-friendly tools and design. Given that the porn itself isn't all that innovative or high quality the extra hassle of its navigation issues really turned me off to the entire package.

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Channel 69 VIP Screencap

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