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Reviewed by james 7 months ago.

1 month / 30 days
79.0 /100

Date Slam is a standalone site that holds exclusive content that is filmed in HD. The premise is that the guy with the cam meets girls on social media, shows us their selfies, sets up a date with them, meets them, takes them home, and they fuck on the first date. As it's filmed from his point of view, you get the feeling that you're the lucky guy in each scene. The videos are also HD and come with mobile options., It's an easy site to use, there are digital galleries and weekly updates. Around all that are good descriptions and a fantastic reality feel.

Very good

Original reality movies.

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1080p HD with mobile downloads and streams.

Very good

Good navigation and interactivity.

Above average

Weekly updates of one-hour long exclusive scenes.


PricePeriodRebillsAdditional Info
$1.00 3 daysRebills after every periodRebills at the monthly rate.
Best Deal
$19.95 1 month / 30 daysRebills after every period
$39.95 3 months / 90 daysRebills after every period

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Concept And Introduction

Can you imagine yourself doing this? You find a girl on social media, chat her up, get to know her and eventually arrange to meet for a date. She is a gorgeous as you hoped she would be, you have your date, and then you suggest you go back to your place or a hotel for some one-on-one fun. She agrees and the next thing you know, she's gone from demure date to full-on fuck monster, and she doesn't mind that you film the whole thing. That's what happens at Date Slam where our main man dates and then slams the babes with his dick; in her pussy, mouth, ass wherever she wants it, and there's always a creamy cum shot to round things off.

Porn Talk

This is a mix of reality, amateur and POV porn and each 60-minute long movie follows a similar progression. That's not an issue as each girl is different, some from the UK, some from France, others from Asia. They are usually in their early 20s, fit and lithe, with great bodies. Some have big tits, some like anal, some like to suck, and others simply do whatever he wants them to.

The variety is good, but so is the filming which is POV, most of the time you feel like you're the guy in the movie, so they are reality/fantasy scenes with around half of the time spent on the date and pre-sex and the other half on the fucking and more. The fact that the girls are amateurs doesn't mean they don't know how to fuck and the scenes are edited professionally and are high quality.

Tech Talk

The 54 movies can be streamed in four speeds and resolutions and come with the same for downloads. 1,920 x 1,080 HD is the top resolution, followed by 720p, 480p and 360p. Some of the HD files might be a bit big so watch your storage space, but downloads were fast enough. The scenes run for 60 minutes and come with a description and a set of selfie shots that are, we assume, taken from the girls' social media pages. There are also 104 galleries with high-resolution images at 1,600 x 900. These can be view online one at a time, taken in zip files, the quality is excellent, and there are loads of clothed and hardcore shots to give you plenty to see and save.

There is a good navigation system, and the site is well designed. The homepage starts you off with the index pages and latest movies (there's an update every week), and you will also find a search box and a category page. Linked tag words help you filter content too. Members can give scenes a thumbs up and a like, you can add things to a favourites collection and also leave comments so that the site and other members know what you think.

Small Talk And Personal Opinion

For me, Date Slam offered something unique. I've seen loads of reality sites where there's an uneasy feeling, mainly because they are clearly scripted and not reality at all, and I've seen others that are so badly made you get the feeling the guys behind it are only making porn so they can legitimately get a shag. Here though, I got the feeing that this guy knows what he is doing. He films well, there's loads of time given over to getting to know the girls, and there's plenty of time left for the porn too. The variety is good, with girls from various countries, and so is the sex, varied I mean. Some videos contain anal, others have pussy pounding and BJs, there's always a cum shot, and the POV filming puts you right there in the scene.


Settle in for an hour at a time and follow the stories; that way you'll get more out of Date Slam. It's a growing site with weekly updates, HD movies and high-quality images, and it has a pretty unique approach to reality porn. From hook-up, through the romantic dates to the full-on fuck-and-slam of the hardcore scenes in the second half, you get well treated to amateur babes and reality porn. The addition of photos, selfies and, currently one bonus movie, helps the value for money which is excellent because the site is currently on special offer. It's a breath of fresh air in an otherwise stuffy reality niche and I, for one, will be coming back time and again to get my fix of Date Slam.

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Date Slam Screencap
Date Slam Screencap
Date Slam Screencap
Date Slam Screencap