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Reviewed by admin almost 9 years ago.

1 month / 30 days
60.0 /100

The women are in good hands with the two German studs, Daniel and Rene, running SexForBreakfast, and subsequently the viewers are in for some sexy times in front of their personal computers. Though the women who apply for the apartment already know the arrangement, there is a large amount of realism and amateurism that skyrockets the arousal factor off the charts.

Above average

Interesting theme; arousing hardcore.

Above average

Fast loading Flash videos, look good at full-screen setting.


Highly effective and pleasant layout, but no zip files for photos or movie downloads.


Once a week.


PricePeriodRebillsAdditional Info
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$14.95 1 month / 30 daysRebills after every period
$39.95 3 months / 90 daysRebills after every period
$49.95 2 months / 60 days
$24.95 1 month / 30 daysRebills after every periodNetwork pass.

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Concept And Introduction

SexForBreakfast brings apartment renting to a whole new level. Based in Berlin, the website invites women to stay at the provided flats, but there is a catch: they "have to pay with their puss[ies]", as the site description puts it. The women are amateurs for the most part, and the action exclusively consists of heterosexual hardcore. This is a very realistic concept.

Porn Talk definitely sticks to its rather inventive concept. It's always nice when websites put a spin on traditional hardcore. The women are obviously European as the content is filmed in Germany. In addition to the Caucasian Europeans, there are other women of ethnic ancestry. Knowing German would help with understanding the words spoken, but I'm sure many viewers are interested in the action, which is quite sexy. The realism and amateurism combine to make for some fantastic fucking and sucking scenes. There are some handjobs thrown into the mix for good measure.

Tech Talk

The photographs are either 600x900px or 1000x1500px. The videos are quite impressive, but are only available in streaming format via Flash Player. These run at either 700Kbps or 1.5Mbps. Not much more can be said about the technical aspects.

Small Talk And Personal Opinion

My favorite model is Katja Bernd. She actually resembles two of my attractive friends. Nice. She had naturally black hair and deep, brown eyes. Her body was very nice, accentuated by breast implants. She had several piercings and a nice smile. Her episode was actually one of the top 10. I know how to pick them, that's for sure. Ha!


Some people pay for things with money. Others, with their blood. These women pay for their flats by performing sexual favors on the landlords, German studs Daniel and Rene. The heterosexual hardcore will arouse most viewers who enjoy watching sexy copulations. On top of that, everything is easy to find. What might annoy people the most is the inability to download movies. At least they look nice in Flash Player.

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Sex For Breakfast Screencap
Sex For Breakfast Screencap
Sex For Breakfast Screencap
Sex For Breakfast Screencap

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Sex For Breakfast Pic
Sex For Breakfast Pic
Sex For Breakfast Pic
Sex For Breakfast Pic