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This site stars hot submissive girls who want be tied up, used and trained to be good slaves at the hands of practiced masters and mistresses... Read more

Water Bondage

Not a lot has changed at Water Bondage since our 2008 review - the site hasn't updated since, the design is very similar, but a few small details have changed... Read more

Japan HD XXX

These petite and shy Japanese girls put their hands in their submissive laps as horny men undress them, pinch their nipples, squeeze their tits and rub their pussies before giving it all up and getting fucked hard... Read more

Squirt Disgrace

Our Squirt Disgrace review found exclusive, high quality episodes that reinvent the BDSM/Squirting niche. These are fantastic, high quality movies and photographs starring an impressive cast of pornstar babes... Read more

The Training of O

There were a large number of original scenes at The Training of O - 549 in mid-2018, each an hour long and exclusive... Read more

Device Bondage

With over 953 episodes in their collection in 2021, Device Bondage has matured and grown beyond even our wildest dreams... Read more

Dominated Girls

These beautiful girls aren't looking for a candle lit dinner or flowery love letters - they want to be dominated, tied up, and fucked hard by strong and lusty men... Read more