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Reviewed by admin over 12 years ago.

1 month / 30 days
84.0 /100

Are you a pain slut, masochist, and/or fetishist? Then you need to enter The English Mansion. Filled with a wide variety of high quality bdsm and fetish content, you'll be positively pleased with what you'll find within. Mind your manners, though, because the Mistresses will punish you if you don't!

Very good

Great female domination BDSM content with mighty British mistresses using slaves for their own pleasure.


Very good quality content with 720p videos and good looking photos.


Easy navigation despite so much content


One daily update consisting of part of a movie.


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$34.95 1 month / 30 daysRebills after every period
$39.95 1 month / 30 days
$79.95 3 months / 90 daysRebills after every period
$84.95 3 months / 90 days

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Concept And Introduction

The resident Domina of The English Mansion is Mistress Sidonia, and she cuts a very formidable figure, whether in or out of the dungeon. Her premier S&M site has amassed a huge archive - over 350 hours of videos and over 25000 photos. Since Mistress Sidonia is a sexy, intelligent, and edgy Mistress, she knows talent when she sees it; thus, she has invited over 60 beautiful world class Dominas to help make her site one of the best in the FemDom world.

Porn Talk

The English Mansion delivers, and delivers big, when it comes to hardcore and extreme FemDom. Due to the wide variety of settings and activities, you'll find these seductive and cruel Mistresses engaged in all kinds of bdsm activity. No matter where they're at or what they're wearing, you'll go weak in the knees from their mere presence. Yes, they exude an amazing aura of cruelty, beauty, and confidence that transcends the computer screen.

Tech Talk

The English Mansion has recently started offering their scenes in high definition. Because of that, you'll be able to view the latest scenes in Windows Media WMV (1280x720/7128 Kbps) or Mp4 (1440x810/1284 Kbps). Streaming is offered through an online Flash player. For the older movies, you can stream or download the complete movie in WMV, which opens to 640x480 (1698 Kbps). The high def is, of course, very high quality, but the older movies are still very good quality and quite enjoyable to watch.

Small Talk And Personal Opinion

As you can surmise, the site is devoted to BDSM, and it delves into it pretty deeply. Because of that, you'll see a wide variety of s&m activity, such as nipple torture, teasing, tongue bondage, cbt, suspension bondage, pony harness, strapon play, ass licking, forced feminization, and so much more. Each of the participants is skilled in their role, but it doesn't seem like a role, per se. They all seem to be totally throwing themselves into the scene, and you don't get the sense that this is play acting for them. That's why the content is so enjoyable to view inside The English Mansion. They truly do understand all the various physical and emotional permutations within BDSM.


I highly recommend The English Mansion for all things BDSM. Featuring a wide variety of s&m activity, as well as some of the hottest and most capable Dommes you'll ever see, this site is a tormenting pleasure to view. With a large archive (including fetish content), daily updates, easy navigation, audio files, forum, and more, The English Mansion will titillate and torment the most submissive and masochistic of persons.

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The English Mansion Screencap
The English Mansion Screencap
The English Mansion Screencap
The English Mansion Screencap

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The English Mansion Pic
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