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Reviewed by james 3 months ago.

1 month / 30 days
80.0 /100

That Sitcom Show started in January 2019 and already has 10 exclusive movies, all in HD and all there for downloading and streaming, with galleries, screencaps and a model index. It's got the niche just right with a good blend of madness and much hardcore, BJs, cum shots, creampies, Milfs, Teen sex and more. It's also very high quality with fantastic production values that include theme music, great credits and even canned laughter. It looks like updates will be once per week from now on, and with several parodies to follow, you have lots to look forward to.

Very good

Sitcom parodies with plenty of porn

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1080p HD & mobile MP4

Very good

Simple navigation with lots of extra functions

Very good

Too early to say, but looks like it will be weekly


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Concept And Introduction

Parodies of popular TV shows or their genres is the running theme at That Sitcom Show. Even the title of the site suggests reality as if there was an actual TV series by that name, and maybe there is. Here though, we have sitcoms played out on an episode by episode basis, with on-going characters in series such as Cumming With The Connors and Leave It To Mom's Beaver. There are intro music and credits, audience applause and canned laughter, great sets, believable filming as if it's a real TV show and, of course, loads of porn. Each 20-minute scenes builds to at least one hardcore section, sometimes two, and there's a mix of models, with Milfs and teens included.

Porn Talk

You have 10 videos so far, each one with a set of screencaps and a gallery. It's not a large number of videos, but the site was only a month old when I saw it. What they do well here (better than many parody porn sites) is mix reality/parody and porn. This means you have scenes that are acted like TV comedies, the humour coming from the situation and characters as well as the fact that the porn is taking place on set. So, for example, you have two horny teens licking pussy and getting blown at the kitchen table while mom and dad are watching TV across the room. The filming ensures you get to see enough porn while also enjoying the situation. It's all exclusive too, with some known stars and some newbies, it's fun and full of fucking, cum shots and creampies included, hung boy-teens and sassy moms, hung dads and dirty daughters, family friends and neighbours. They've got the mix just right, and they also insist on high production values.

Tech Talk

Videos are shown in streams and come with Mp4 downloads. These start off at 1,920 x 1,080 HD and carry on down to 480 x 270 for mobiles. Scenes are around 20 to 30 minutes in length, you can go full screen with no loss of quality and also jump through. Screencaps let you see what's going to happen, and digital galleries hold 150 + pics each at 2,000 x 1,333 px online, but there are three choices for zip files with the top res above 5K.

Navigation is easy, there's a basic top menu and a drop-down form some extras, though these are not bonus sites. A feed page lets you see your recent activity, you can comment on and rate videos, read good descriptions, find eight girls in a model index with links to their videos and there are tag words and categories. These will be useful in time when the site has grown. Index pages are numbered, sample shots are large, and there are no technical issues.

Small Talk And Personal Opinion

Top of the list of likes for me were the production values (very high) and the excellent blend of fun and fornication. The cast knows how to act and how to do porn, and the crew know how to film. Even the editing is good, and there are little extra touches, like the cheesy music and titles. I also found the site really easy to use and it came with good written info and lots of details, plus many interactive functions.

On the downside, there's a cross sale on the join page, only 10 movies so far and no bonuses. That's not an issue in itself, but I'd have thought a lower price for membership would have made for a more attractive start-up sign-up offer. They've hit the ground running and so have the members' costs, but having said that, you're not only paying for exclusivity and very high-quality presentation, you're paying for the sheer bliss of - finally - finding a site that mixes porn and fun so brilliantly.


That Sitcom Show looks all set to go straight to the top of the viewing charts. It's a wonderful blend of porn and fun, and you can easily imagine these are real TV shows, the filming and editing, presentation and even acting are up at that level. Don't forget it's porn though. Well, you can't, there's at least one long sex session in each scene, sometimes two. Good viewing options and downloads, pics and hopefully updates, will soon grow the site which doesn't come with a discounted membership, but which is well worth paying for, even though it's still small.

That Sitcom Show Screencaps

That Sitcom Show Screencap
That Sitcom Show Screencap
That Sitcom Show Screencap
That Sitcom Show Screencap